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Dental 3D Printing Control Center RayWare is the 3D printing software that’s designed specifically for dental professionals. It’s easy to learn, and our California-based support team is just a call away. In addition to nesting printable files, RayWare allows you to fix, close, and base raw intraoral scans from any scanner with a click

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Oct 30, 2021  February 21, 2021 Leave a Comment. Stratasys J720 Prints Full-color Dental Products. Stratasys is a big force in the dental 3D printing game. Now, the company has brought in the Stratasys J720 Dental with a few new tricks up its

Best Dental 3D Printer For Dental Models [2021]: Dental 3D ...

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U.S. Navy To Use Xerox’s Newly-launched 3D Printer, ElemX

Feb 04, 2021  The Xerox ElemX is based on a liquid 3D printing process. The Liquid Metal process is based on a metal wire, in this case aluminium: the coil is placed on the machine and the wire is fed into a tank which is heated to over 800°C. The metal is melted, forming droplets which are then projected onto the tray using a magnetic

How 3D Printing Is Redefining Inductor Coil Production

3D printing can be used for all complexities of inductors form the most simple design, through to the most complex with the benefits of prolonged inductor reliability and hence life cycles considerably longer than conventionally manufactured inductors. GKN Additive

Liquid Metal 3D Printing | Additive Manufacturing |

Liquid Metal 3D Printing. Drop-on-demand inkjet printing is a well-established method for commercial and consumer image reproduction. The same principles that drive this technology can also be applied in the fields of functional printing and additive manufacturing. Conventional inkjet technology has been used to print a variety of functional

DMP Flex 100 - Metal 3D Printer | 3D

DMP Flex 100 solution features a build volume of 100 x 100 x 90 mm (3.94 x 3.94 x 3.54 in), a 100W laser, 3DXpert All-in-One Software Solution for Metal Additive Manufacturing and a portfolio of qualified LaserForm metal powders. The DMP Flex 100 metal printer offers the flexibility of manual material loading. Small

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It is the BASF Ultrafuse filament from the German company BASF. It is a filament with a large amount of metallic dust that is printed with a conventional FDM 3D printer. After printing, the pieces have to follow a chemical washing and sintering process in an oven so that the metal powder is fused into a single solid metal

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Jan 16, 2021  The Sinterit Lisa is an affordable SLS printer made by Polish manufacturer Sinterit. Compatible with the usual PA12 Nylon and Flexa black materials, the Sinterit Lisa offers a 150 x 200 x. 150 mm printing volume, enough for most single-part projects. The Sinterit Lisa is a precise powder 3D printer, with a layer thickness of between

Die Cast Aluminum Coils For Efficient Electric Motors

Jan 08, 2021  Whether pedelecs, e-scooters or drones, most types of mobility are powered by an electric motor. These motors are generally identical in their construction, using a stator with wound copper wire. In order to make these motors more efficient, there are a number of challenges to be addressed in terms of efficiency, weight, and material and labor

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Heater and heater assemblies from Thermal Circuits, installed in printers, improve printing/copying from start to finish. Accuracy is the closeness of a measured value to a standard or known value, while precision is the closeness of two or more measurements to each other. 3D printing

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Jul 23, 2021  Medicrea is a Lyon-based company specialising in implant design. Among its manufacturing processes, we find 3D printing. In 2021, Medicrea was the first French company to 3D print spine implant from PEEK, a thermoplastic renowned for its high strength and resistance. Since then, it has developed a range of 3D printed interbody cage implants

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Popular nickel-based superalloys are Haynes 282 and Amperprint alloy 625 and 718, equivalent to Inconel 625 and Inconel 718. These alloys are used for a wide range of demanding 3D printing applications thanks to its high strength in high temperatures and its good corrosion resistance properties in extreme

Top 11 Best SLS 3D Printers 2021 (For ALL Price Ranges

The slightest coil or metal \"hair\" left in has a major impact, especially with retraction, i.e. when the driver goes backward to pull the filament a bit and reduce pressure while the head is moving without printing. Retraction is a must to prevent oozing and leaving bits and strings of molten plastic all