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Alu. Foil Tape (FR Grade Class O & UL 723 ASTM E84 Fire ...

Aluminum Foil Tape - LEADINGWAY

Aluminum Foil Tape AF5025R (FR Grade Class O Thermal Insulation Tapes) Introductions on Aluminum Foil Tape AF5025R: Aluminium foil tape AF5025R is composed of 50 micron/2.0 mil aluminum foil backing with high tensile strength, solvent acrylic adhesive which is flame-retardant and silicon release paper which is easy to

Aluminum Foil Tape - LEADINGWAY

Suitable for masking in electroplating of aluminum due to its non-contamination properties. For FR Grade Aluminum Foil Tape: It consists of FR Grade Class 0 backing + Flame Retardant Solvent Acrylic Adhesive which provides a wide application temperature

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1 – XFasten Professional Aluminum Foil Tape. Recommended for: 2 – ProTapes Pro 950 Polyimide Film Tape. Ideal for: 3 – Foxnovo High Temperature Heat Resistant Kapton Tape Polyimide Tape. 4 – Nulink Kapton Polyimide Heat High-Temperature Resistant Adhesive Gold Tape. 5 – Scotch Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum Foil Scrim Tape, Aluminum Foil Scrim Tape

AF7125AR FR Grade Class O Foil-Scrim-Kraft Tape. 5000 Square Meters (Min. Order) Tags: Foil-scrim-kraft Tape HVAC Self Adhesive Fiberglass Reinforced Foil Tape. US $0.65-0.8 / Square Meter 3600 Square Meters (Min. Order) Reinforced aluminum foil tape , foil (7+-1 microns) + 3-way fiberglass scrim Kraft + water-based or solvent based acrylic

Aluminum Foil Tape - LEADINGWAY

For FR Grade Aluminum Foil Tape: It consists of FR Grade Class 0 backing + Flame Retardant Solvent Acrylic Adhesive which provides a wide application temperature range. About Us. We are a globally recognized company with an experience spanning out for more than 30 years, we excel in Automatic Door/Gate/Window Systems, Glass/Timber Door Hardware

Temperature Resistant Flame Retardant Aluminum Foil Tape

Super performance, UL 723 FR grade 30u foil tape. Ideal for sealing joints / seams against moisture and vapor on foil jacketing insulation. Suitable for many other permanent sealing, holding, splicing or masking applications requiring the protection offered by a foil

UL723 Industrial FR Grade Fiberglass Cloth Aluminum Foil

Ul723 Industrial Fr Grade Fiberglass Cloth Aluminum Foil Tape , Find Complete Details about Ul723 Industrial Fr Grade Fiberglass Cloth Aluminum Foil Tape,Ul723 Aluminum Foil Tape,Aluminum Fiberglass Tape,Ul723 Tape from Adhesive Paper Film Supplier or

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Merco Tape is a manufacturer, converter, direct importer and master distributor of Adhesive Tape Products. We offer our own Merco Tape™ and Threadmaster brands, and we are a stocking house for: Polyken, Nashua, Shurtape, Intertape, 3M, Berry, Venture

ECOMAXci FR Air Barrier Product Page —

Rmax ECOMAXci FR Air Barrier has glass fiber reinforced aluminum foil facers on both sides - offering enhanced durability, dimensional stability and fire performance. ECOMAXci FR Air Barrier allows for optimum efficiency through multiple design options, ease of construction, a better building envelope and reduced energy

3M 425 Aluminum Foil Tape, 4.6 Mil, 1\" X 60 Yds, Silver, 1

Premium Grade. Aluminum backed tape features acrylic adhesive. Flame resistant, heat and light reflective. Improves visibility by magnifying light sources. Resists ultraviolet degradation ensuring long lasting performance. Meets UL 723, Class L File R 7311 and

ADO Products 2 In. X 50 Yds. Aluminum Foil Tape Roll

Product Overview. Aluminum Foil Tape, 2 in. x 50 yds. is ideal for sealing joints and seams against moisture and vapor on foil jacketing insulation including foil board. Tape has a soft aluminum foil with acrylic adhesive and protected by an easy release line. Suitable for many other permanent sealing, holding, or masking application requiring

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3M™ Coban™ Self-Adherent Wrap 3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB+ 3M™ Marine Adhesive Sealant M™ Micropore™ Surgical Tape 3M™ Panel Bonding Adhesive 3M™ Super 77™ Multipurpose Spray Adhesive 3M™ Tegaderm™ Transparent Film Dressing 3M™ VHB™ Tape M™ WorkTunes™ Connect Wireless Hearing Protector 3M™ Clinpro™ .1% Sodium Fluoride Anti

Military Specification Packaging – Edco

Apr 01, 2021  Edco Supply Corporation is the largest manufacturer and supplier of military specification packaging in the USA. We have a large inventory of ready made bags in various materials such as Film Foil, Poly Kraft, Kraft Foil, ESD, Poly Mylar, and others. We

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Commonly Used Food Grade Aluminum Foil for Packaging 、h2> Barbecue with food grade aluminum foil. Widely used in household or barbecue shops, can be put in the oven, or placed in the outdoor grill. It is soft in texture, can perfectly wrap food, block the air,

Shurtape AF-075 Aluminum Foil Tape [3 Mil

Shurtape AF-75 Military-Grade Aluminum Foil Tape is a 3 mil dead-soft linerless aluminum foil tape which is designed to resist extreme temperature fluctuations. It adheres to its own backing and also particularly well on irregular surfaces. Used to create vapor barriers and waterproof seals, to reflect and dissipate heat, and for masking off

Shurtape 1.88 In. X 10 Yds. Aluminum Foil Repair Duct Tape

1.88 in. x 50 yds. Aluminum Foil Repair Duct Tape Linered cold temperature aluminum foil tape Linered cold temperature aluminum foil tape for joining and sealing aluminum-backed and fibrous insulation and metal ductwork. It is also used to repair metal and sheet metal. It is designed with an acrylic adhesive and tested in accordance with UL

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Tac Foil 880 Class 0 Aluminium Specially designed as flame retardant barrier for air-conditioning, duct insulation, petro-pipe heat insulation, steam pipe heat insulation and roofing application. Tac Foil 880 Class 0 Aluminium

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Delta Duct Adhesive Tapes. Delta Duct Adhesive Tape is widely use in all HVAC – R applications. Delta Duct adhesive tape is tested as per ASTM E84. Available in 2″, 3″ 4″ wide and 25 yard standard sizes. Other custom made sizes also available upon